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Roadmender Asphalt happy with Chancellors debut Budget (The Times, Money Mentor)

Roadmender Asphalt urges councils to look at new technology  (The Express) 

Roadmender Asphalt unveils Greener Faster Cheaper Elastomac material (Highways Magazine)

New technology provides quicker repairs to pothole damage  (The Express)

Mastic Asphalt a success on our Motorways, A and B roads are next (Yahoo! News)

Roadmender Asphalt launch Elastomac repair material (Agg-Net)

Roadmender Asphalt provide contractors solutions to safely adhere to government advice (Hub 4)

Roadmender Elastomac solution for permanent pothole repairs (Bike Biz)

Roadmender Asphalt’s “One-Man-Per-Van” solution for safe COVID-19 working (Engineering Update)

Maintain social distancing by using Roadmender Asphalt systems & materials (New Civil Engineer)

Roadmender Asphalt CEO discusses new developments in road repair (Hub 4)

Roadmender Asphalt CEO shows how Hotbox Reclaimers can be a single man operation (Engineering Update)

Introducing Roadmender innovations & machinery for safe working (Construction Plant World)

Roadmender’s innovations & machinery assist compliance with Covid-19 Regulations (Construction Industry News)

Roadmender Hotbox Reclaimers help companies adhere to Coronavirus regulations (Construction Plant News)

Gov’t Pothole Fund offers fantastic opportunity to new technologies for repair (Traffic Technology)

Experts push for pothole technology upgrades to help councils (Highways Industry)

Roadmender CEO and other Industry professionals discuss innovation in road repair solutions (Fleet Point)

Roadmender’s Elastomac material dovetails with government’s road repair programme (Handy Shipping Guide)

Roadmender Asphalt’s innovative Elastomac could help ease pothole crisis (TyrePress)

Roadmender UK promotes mastic asphalt – the new pothole hero for UK (Highways Today)

Roadmender Asphalt & other innovative SME’s will transform British roads (Independent Forecourt Magazine)

Roadmender Asphalt CEO discusses economic benefit of upgrading roads (Fleet Point)

CEO explains how 100% recyclable mastic asphalt ensures longer lifespan for our roads (Logistics Business)

Roadmender’s partnering with Local Councils succeeding in developing new products (Fleet Point)

Roadmender Asphalt’s solutions can cut costs of pothole repairs (Motoring Research)

Government’s extra funding could be spent on more environmentally acceptable repairs (Handy Shipping Guide)

Roadmender Asphalt launching a new breed of road repair materials (Highways Today)